Vocational Training Programme

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

VTP – Imparting Employable Skills

Vocational and Technical Education, for unemployed rural poor, is the key to income generation and better employment opportunities. Recent experiments in the developing world have proved that employable technical skills have a positive impact on the economic growth rate.  Before initiating any Vocational Training Programme, it is imperative that needs of the industrial and agricultural sector be studied in detail and courses pertaining to vocational training be defined in accordance with that, so as to benefit the economy and the individual.

Vocational Training Programme (VTP) is an innovative initiative of IRM as it imparts market driven technical skills to the underprivileged rural community and empower them economically. With the establishment of 6 zonal VTECs (see vtec.edu.pk) IRM trains young women and men into professionally equipped craftsmen.


This fast track employable skills training programme is designed to empower underprivileged marginalized youth of rural areas:

  • To obtain employment opportunities;
  • To provide knowledge and practice of the required attributes and challenges for setting and operating a successful enterprise, particularly a small business;
  • To prepare beneficiaries to work productively in small and medium-sized enterprises and more generally for an environment in which formal, full- time wage employment may be scarce or unavailable.


The beneficiaries of the programme are:

  • Marginalized rural poor
  • Underprivileged women
  • Persons with disabilities (PWD) who can become active members of the society
  • Other marginalized segments


Keeping in mind the demands of the beneficiaries, IRM’s Business Development Services Team has developed this latest vocational training programme. The nature of programme is comprehensive and focused on productivity. The focus of programme is on working in a real world situation, with projects and assignments simulating the workplace atmosphere. The trainees are assessed on day to day basis; their weekly progress is also monitored by the instructors and their learning level is individually evaluated at the end of the training. VTP imparts quality training, counseling to enhance self confidence as well as post training in terms of guidance to the trainees in getting gainful employment.

Business Management Skills Training

All Vocational training events are accompanied with a three to four day long special package of Business Management Skills Training (BMST) to enhance the trainees’ knowledge to establish and run the small scale enterprise. Business groups, of the training graduates residing in same area proximity are also formed (depending upon the scope of project). These business groups work as small scale enterprises in the particular area and are linked with the market to receive orders to work in the specific field of training of which they have acquired training from IRM.

Quality Standards:

Over the years, IRM has successfully trained thousands of trainees including people with disabilities under its Vocational Training Programme in over 95 different trades. Courses offered by VTP are recognized and certified for their quality standards by the Skills Development Council (SDC) and provincial Technical Education and Vocational Training Authorities (TEVTAs).

IRM has developed links with various institutes to ensure high quality Vocational Training. Some of the institutes are listed below:

  • National Institute of Science & Technical Education (NISTE)
  • Iqra Center for Technical Education (ICTE)
  • Technical Training Center (TTC)
  • Federal Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • Save Our Soul (SOS)

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