Sochi summit receives world-wide attention

Sochi summit receives world-wide attention


World media widely covered a trilateral summit held in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi, where Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani held critical meetings on Syria.

In the United States, the New York Times headlined the summit as “Russia, Turkey and Iran Propose Conference on Postwar Syria’s Future,” saying the three leaders announced an agreement on Wednesday to sponsor a conference aimed at achieving a peaceful settlement of the Syria war.

The Washington Post wrote: “Syria talks in Russia, Saudi Arabia aim to unify rival sides”, adding that:

“The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran on Wednesday discussed ways to promote a peaceful settlement in Syria, including the return of refugees, humanitarian aid and prisoners’ exchange, while fractured Syrian opposition groups were meeting in Saudi Arabia in a bid to overcome their divisions and form a united front for Syrian peace talks in Geneva.”

CNN International, on their website, used the headline “Russia, Iran, Turkey agree to hold Syrian ‘congress’ to talk peace”. It reported: “The three leaders have issued a joint statement aimed at continuing the Syrian peace talks and finding a sustainable solution for the post-conflict period by convening a ‘Syrian National Congress of Dialogue,’ Putin said.”


Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in Germany claimed Russia, Iran and Turkey were sitting at the table for the People’s Congress in Syria, while asking a question whether the Congress to be gathered on the new constitution with the participation of about a thousand people in Sochi at the beginning of December.

The Times in the U.K. wrote a headline “Putin calls for Syrian reforms at victors’ summit in Sochi,” stressing that the U.S.’ absence was “notable”, despite its military presence in Syria.

“Putin brings Iran and Turkey together in bold Syria peace plan,” the Guardian wrote, adding that Syrian regime president, Bashar al-Assad, had also met Putin ahead of the summit.

Spain’s El Mundo wrote: “Iran and Turkey bid for the ‘Russian pax’ in Syria,” while La Vanguardia wrote: “Putin gets the support of Erdogan and Rohani to launch their peace project in Syria.”

Die Presse in Austria ran an opinion piece on the Sochi summit. Reflecting on photos taken during the summit, Martin Gehlen wrote: “The most important international mediator in Syria’s future is the Kremlin boss, that is the message of these pictures.”


RBK newspaper published an analysis saying the impact of Russia on Assad was not limited and Assad was obliged to give some concessions during the upcoming negotiations; if not, Russia could withdraw its support.

Kommersant newspaper wrote the most important topic in the summit was the sensibility of Turkey regarding terrorist organizations.

Moscow-based website said in its analysis titled “Peace from Russia” that with the Sochi summit, Russia strengthen its hand in international negotiations.

Georgian media said the summit in Sochi was a concrete indicator of finding a solution to the Syrian war.

According to Georgian news agency Interpressnews, Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani agreed on a joint struggle to end the Syrian conflict.

Azerbaijan’s Sark newspaper thanked Erdogan and Rouhani for their constructive consultations.

Source: AA



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