Nana Patekar has donated 90% of his earnings to charity

Nana Patekar has donated 90% of his earnings to charity

After working odd jobs like painting movie posters and zebra crossings on roads, Nana Patekar surely wowed audiences with his powerful acting skills.

Now when his luck changed and he became one of the most noteworthy actors in the Indian film fraternity, he has also become one of the most generous celebrities out there.

Your jaws will drop at what he’s done to help out the underprivileged and it’s surely breathtaking and heart melting to say the least. The Welcome star has donated almost 90% of his total earnings to charity, mainly drought-hit farmers.

Inspiring us a little more this time, here are 8 facts compiled by India Times that prove he prefers to live an ultra simple life, as compared to an over-the-top luxurious one that’s synonymous with celebs today.

1. Nana lives in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother.

2. He went under strict army training for a film and was awarded an honourary rank of Captain in early 90s. He even lent his services to the army after he completed filming.

3. He personally presented farmers’ widows with cheques and when the power went off, people switched on their mobile torches so he could continue distributing the cheques.

Source: Tribune