Greater Good Through Volunteerism!

Greater Good Through Volunteerism!

February 16, 2018.

The preparation of World NGO Day 2018-Pakistan is underway with its full zeal and zest. 16 volunteers from Volunteer In Service (VIS) department of CUST joined The NGO World office to provide support to arrangements of world NGO day. They engaged for 18 days and provided support to the following areas;

  • Online registration of participants.
  • Online registration of organizations for the exhibition.
  • Grabbed information from organizations from all over Pakistan for NGO’s Directory.
  • Sent online invitation of World NGO Day to organizations.
  • Complied all the information region wise f the r directory.
  • Data/Information received and compiled for Social Work Encouragement, Recognition & Appreciation (SWERA) Award.
  • Call for stories and organization’s introduction sent to NGOs for Greater Good magazine.

To build the capacity of students and volunteers in concepts of social & development work, TNW conducted sessions on the following topics;

  • Team Building & Management.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Rumors Management.

During these 18 days, TNW provided a platform, full of learning and knowledge sharing to volunteers. They asked and shared their experiences, knowledge, expectations and future plan with each other. They have been given the opportunity to act as civic leaders.

The NGO World thanked Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST) for providing such an enthusiastic, energetic and talented volunteers for world NGO Day.




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