Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Training TRAINING from Amref Health Africa

Internship Programme

Resource Mobilization and fundraising


Mobilization of resources is recognized as the foundation for self-sustaining development. Mobilizing resources are important in financing investment and social programmes, which are essential for economic growth and for eradicating poverty. Financing for economic growth and poverty reduction is one of the challenges facing projects and programmes, however, resource mobilization can be managed more innovatively for greater effectiveness. In this context, a sound fiscal policy, responsible social spending and a well-functioning and competitive financial system are the crucial elements mobilizing resources.

Resource mobilization includes all the actions taken by an organization to ensure that it has the resources it needs to properly implement its strategy. The term “resource” covers not only financial resources, but also the human resources and goods and services made available to the organization. A resource-mobilization strategy requires broad outreach to potential donors and partners in order to diversify the sources of support and financing.

Overall Course Objective:

This course is aimed at developing the knowledge and skills for effective mobilization of resources for enhancing organization capacity to implement programmes and projects.

Specific Learning Objectives:

By the end of the training the learners will be able to:

  1. Define concepts and importance of Resource Mobilisation for projects/programmes
  2. Describe the process and tools used in Resource Mobilisation
  3. Articulate the principles and moral ethics in resource mobilisation
  4. Develop a proposal for mobilizing resources
  5. Appreciate the role of monitoring and evaluating in Resource Mobilisation


· Overview and concepts in resource mobilization and fundraising

· Value and importance of fundraising

· Types of resources and donors

· Strategies for resource mobilization

· The resource mobilization process

· The Principles and moral aspects of resource mobilization and fundraising

· Challenges in mobilizing resources

· Mechanisms and tools for resource mobilization

· Resource mobilization monitoring and evaluation

· Best practices of resource mobilization

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