Diploma in NGO Leadership & Management

Internship Programme

In Collaboration with Iqra University Islamabad.



Over the years NGOs with their need based, target oriented approach have emerged as the protagonists in the development arena. They play a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges of extreme poverty. NGO managers are bombarded with complex management issues, both at a personal and organizational level. Thus, in order to succeed, NGOs must continually improve and professionalize their work. NGO Leadership & Management post graduate diploma is an 8-weeks highly interactive and innovative course offered by IRM-Center for Executive Education in collaboration with IQRA University. The course objective is to familiarize students with the concept of NGOs and civil society, its role in bringing about social change and also its various dimensions. The course would help students understand various development issues and how the knowledge related to NGO management would help in resolving these issues..

Course Content

  • Understanding NGOs
  • NGO Strategy, Structures and Systems
  • Planning, Programming & Research
  • Managing People
  • Mobilizing and Managing Financial Resources
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Successful Programmes and Projects
  • Capacity Building
  • An Organizational Approach
  • Managing NGO for Effective Impact
  • Organization Development & Change

Course Objectives

Focus will be on the activities of an NGO; from mobilizing and organizing communities, identifying resources, developing and operating programmes, engaging in policy formation to create linkages and networks.

  • Introducing skills and tools for assessment, diagnosis and performance evaluation.
  • Orienting participants about techniques for creating strategic alliances, private public partnership.


  • Structured learning exercises
  • Case-studies
  • Interactive discussions
  • Presentations

Learning Outcomes

The Diploma will allow the participants to:

  • Engage in learning activities and discussion to understand the characteristics of an NGO
  • Balance the needs of stakeholders
  • Analyze challenges
  • Perform delegate tasks and assignments
  • Manage people as individuals and team members
  • Understand key elements of financial management, gathering and using information for the purpose of accountability.

Designed For

We offer this diploma for Development Sector leaders and Managers. This highly practical oriented course is designed for professionals from NGOs who want to become future leaders in their respective sector. Applicants must hold a Masters degree or Bachelors with 3-5 years of experience.


  • Duration: 2-month
  • Evening timings: 1730 to 1930 hours
  • Classes: Monday – Wednesday

Fee structure

  • Rs. 25,000/participant
  • A limited number of scholarships are available and they are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to join: irm