Community Management Training Programme

Sparkplug Foundation: Supporting the Development of Emerging Democratic Movements

This Programme serves the prime objective of harnessing the potential of the people equipping them with leadership and managerial skills. CMTP offers training in community management, leadership, financial management, book keeping, gender sensitization, gap analysis, participatory planning & monitoring and internal lending.

Under the programme only those capacity building activities are undertaken which focuses on poverty reduction and income generation. These activities are identified by the community.

CMST is ideal for

  • AMT All CO members
  • Present and defend proposal
  • CMST Activists, presidents, managers of CO
  • CAAP Activists, office holders
  • ACET Activists, managers
  • LMST Activists at Union Council level

IRM has adopted a multifaceted approach for developing the management and leadership skills of the community activists to build not only the capacities of the activists but also enhance their skills in a step by step manner. These activists graduate from the basic short term courses to more detailed ones. The activists having acquired the training that are part of the pyramid are in a better position to play a more defined role at the Union Council level.

Major Training Activities

  • Activist Capacity Enhancement Training (ACET)
  • Activist Management Training (AMT)
  • Business Management Skills Training (BMST)
  • Citizen Community Board Mobilization (CCBM)
  • Community Management Skills Training (CMST)
  • Community Activist Action Planning (CAAP)
  • CMST Advance
  • CMST for Illiterate
  • Credit Book Keeping
  • Financial Management Training (FMT)
  • Gender & Development (GAD)
  • Leadership and Management Skills Training (LMST)
  • Nazims and Councilors Training
  • Skills for Rural Marketing (SRM)
  • Village Development Committee Training

How to join: IRM



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