Growth through Nutrition Announces Call for Proposals for Small Research Grant Program

What are the fund’s objectives?

These initiatives will have a demonstrable human rights impact in Australia and must have the potential to advance one or more of the fund’s objectives:

  • foster grassroots community activism
  • engage and empower a diversity of people to build networks and promote the growth of a human rights constituency
  • acknowledge the initiatives and endeavours of the human rights movement; and
  • develop partnerships with other organisations

Ideas for projects

These are a small sample only – we encourage you to think outside the square:

  • speaker tour
  • human rights defender tour (for example, a national tour of a defender of human rights, who has an inspiring story to tell)
  • a human rights photography project in remote Indigenous communities
  • an Amnesty International program broadcast online
  • networking with human rights organisations for a particular outcome
  • a human rights seminar/event
  • activism retreat held for high school students or other community sectors
  • an interactive web-based human rights campaign
  • human rights awareness raising activity and/or outreach to new audiences
  • setting up a virtual action group around a particular human rights issue
  • an innovative display or stall design for a local action group to attract new supporters

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply — individuals, local action groups, community groups or networks and organisations from any Australian State or Territory.

What are the funding criteria?

Projects must have a demonstrable human rights impact and the potential to advance one or more the Fund’s objectives outlined above.

Source: amnesty